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Laboratories, Documents and Certificates

Bonab Steel Industrial Complex with the most advanced and equipped laboratory equipment and by recruitment of specialized human resources constantly monitors its products and in this regard received the certification of Standard mark for all its products from the Institute of Standard and Industrial Research of Iran and Quality Management System certification (ISO). In the production of the products of this Holding, the internal and international standards have been used.

Bonab Steel Industrial Complex, as one of the most top private sector manufacturer, has a unique place to grow and develop.  Special attention is paid to the creation of appropriate and standardized quality, the observance of legal requirements and other requirements related to the processes of the company and the application of integrated management systems based on Global patterns such as ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015 and OHSAS 18001has been the key policies of this holding.


Bonab Steel Industrial Complex has several equipped laboratories  as bellow: :

1.     Chemistry Laboratory:  With the goal of water analysis and accurate control of input materials to the plant in accordance with the latest standards and equipped equipment is operating.

2.     Spectrometry Laboratory: This section is one of the main pillars of identifying materials and metal parts by using the most advanced Quantum Metric devices at the earliest time by experienced experts by taking advantage of proportional values from standard reference samples according to the latest edition gives some services such as chemical analysis, the elements weight percentage determination for domestic companies as well as for external customers

3.     Laboratory of mechanical properties: This laboratory started its operation in 2006 and performs all mechanical tests, such as determination of delivery tensile strength, tensile strength, strength ratio and etc., according to the latest standards according to ISO / IEC17025 and as partner lab of Standard Organization in the region.

Also in metallurgical laboratory, experts of this department and technicians of the Bonab Steel Industrial Complex, be able to review Metallography on different materials.

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