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Bonab Sanat Complex Steel (BS) Holding with the Trade name of Bonab Shahin.

Bonab Sanat Complex Steel (BS) HOLDING branded Bonab Shahin with the goal of having activities in various fields of steel industry, composed from major rolling and melting factories.

This plant with possessing ideal infrastructure facilities including access to major roads, railways, power plants, gas and water transmission lines, started its activities from the late of 1383 (2005) in an area of 140 hectares.

Rolling plants of this HOLDING contains 7 hot rolling lines with the capability of producing types of ribbed steel bar in AII, AIII & AIV grades, Alloy Steel and different sizes of I-Beam, Channel and Angle.

This HOLDING has two Melt Shops one of them includes Induction Furnaces with the capacity of 180 thousands tones per year, and the other one with Electric Arc Furnace technology, with capacity of 320 thousands tones per year, produces types of Steel & Alloy Billets.

The nominal capacity of this production set in hot rolling of steel sections is one million and nine hundred thousand tons per year, and it is eight hundred thousand tons per year and 500 thousand tons of steel billets in melting and casting unit for per year, that this production capacity among the private sector producers is ranked first and among the total steel producers in the country is the fourth position.

Although this HOLDING includes some other parts such as Oxygen Plant Site to produce consumed oxygen at melting plants, and a dedicated site for the processing of scrap inside the plant. In development sector in order to complete the steelmaking cycle and to make the products sale basket wealthy, Gostaresh e Shahriyar projects include a project for the direct recovery of iron ore and the production of width flange beam is in processing

Factory: Iran, East Azarbaijan, Bonab, Industrial Estate
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