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A cookie is a small piece of text that allows a website to recognize your device and maintain a consistent, cohesive experience throughout multiple sessions. If you use our web site, we will use cookies to track and monitor some of your activities on and store and access some data about you, your browsing history, and your usage of the information on our web site.

This policy describes how we use cookies and how you can exercise a greater degree of control over cookies. Please keep in mind that this may alter your experience with our platform, and may limit certain features.

General Browsing: We use cookies that are important for certain technical features of our website, like logging into user accounts and implementing fixes and improvements to our platform.

These cookies:

  • Enable behavior in our services that is tailored to the activity or preferences of a person visiting our properties
  • Allow users to opt out of certain types of modeling, tailoring, or personalization in our services
  • Collect information on our users’ preferences in order to create more useful services
  • Help to diagnose and correct downtime, bugs, and errors in our code to ensure that our services are operating efficiently
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